1. The Bahamas and Breezes

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SuperClubs has had a long and profitable partnership with the travel agent community. Without you, we wouldn’t be at the top of our game. To stay on top, there’s a constant need for education and impactful sales tools.

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Once you become a SuperClubs SuperAgent™ you’ll receive an assortment of attractive perks and elite status. We hope you benefit greatly from this new initiative, and that we can welcome you at one of our SuperFAMs, which are held several times throughout the year at Breezes Bahamas. Agents can be confident when selling Breezes Bahamas to their clients, who are guaranteed a warm, welcoming vacation, packed with all the fun under the sun they can handle.

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SuperClubs & Travel Agents

Over the years SuperClubs has carefully nurtured its relationship with travel agents. Agents are a treasured partner of the company and the source of one of the largest portions of success and business to SuperClubs' Hotels and Resorts. Agents are often the initial contact with potential guests at SuperClubs and an educated agent is a wonderful ally.

Currently, SuperClubs has two regional US District Sales Managers (DSMs) and a Director of National Accounts whose responsibilities are to foster and grow relationships with the travel agent community. Our DSMs host several SuperFAMs each year to Breezes Bahamas.

To know the product is to sell it with confidence and we invite agents to sign-up for upcoming SuperFAMs at breezes.com/superagent. Click the web icon to the right now to quickly preview the website.

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Our service center, at 877-Breezes is also available to agents nationwide for questions and support. Travel agents are invited to book with SuperClubs directly or through their preferred tour operator partner. The Look & Book tab in the SuperAgent Sales Companion mobile app is another easy way to discover tour partners and our new mobile booking tool.

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Agent Rewards

SuperClubs also offers agents one of the most lucrative incentive programs in the industry paying agents an additional $50 per qualifying booking and upwards of $75 per qualifying booking during promotional incentive periods throughout the year, payable regardless of the booking channel.

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To make sure you don't miss this extra earning opportunity, after you graduate the course you will be directed to sign up for the program, but you don’t need to be a SuperAgent™ to participate, so feel free to share this news with other colleagues immediately.

What Super-Inclusive® Mean for Your Clients?

When SuperClubs, the parent company of Breezes Resorts & Spas, introduced the Super-Inclusive® vacation in 1976, expectations were raised for an entire generation of vacationers, and raised the standards across the board. It’s way more than all-inclusive!

After nearly four decades, nobody else even comes close. It isn’t just all-inclusive, it’s Super-Inclusive®.

It isn’t just about more. It’s about better! It’s about offering the finest beaches and the most comfortable accommodations. It’s being greeted with a friendly smile when you arrive and warm wishes when you leave. It’s world-class chefs and world-recognized sports pros.

Ultimately, it’s about promises made and promises kept.

We are so confident, we offer the ultimate guarantee, we call it the THE BREEZES GUARANTEED GETAWAY! An iron-clad commitment, from us to your clients, that their vacation will be everything they expect it to be and so much more. This is not something we take lightly. It is a solemn pledge to ultimate guest satisfaction and a strong statement of the confidence we have in our product. We want your clients to be satisfied with their vacations. In fact, we guarantee it. If your clients are unhappy, just tell them to contact the General Manager before their second night. If the General Manager can’t make it better - and you choose to leave - we'll offer you a credit voucher equal to the value of the unused portion of your hotel stay, good for up to one year.

The Islands Of The Bahamas

Getting to The Islands Of The Bahamas, and Nassau in particular, is easy for travelers from the United States and Canada. There are many direct flights to Nassau from major cities on the east coast, and convenient connecting flights from cities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Average flight times are also attractive: from Miami it’s only 35 minutes; from New York City it’s about two hours, 40 minutes; from Toronto it’s a flight of about three hours. Your clients will spend less time in the air and more time onsite enjoying their Breezes Bahamas vacation. Click on the Plane icon now to see how accessible!

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Nassau, the capital city of The Bahamas, is located on 21-mile-long New Providence, The Bahamas 11th largest island. The Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA), one of the most modern airports in the Caribbean, serves Nassau and is located only five-miles from Breezes.

Clients will be pleased to learn that the airport is a US pre-clearance facility, offering US travelers the advantage of transitioning through US Customs and Immigration before leaving The Bahamas. This cuts down on your clients' anxiety about dealing with customs on their return flight and hustling to make a connecting flight once they arrive in the US.

Nassau is a popular cruise destination, and some clients may decide to choose Breezes Bahamas as their base for a pre-or post-cruise land vacation.

Upon arrival, travelers must fill out and sign an immigration form, keeping a portion of the card in hand until they depart. Both US and Canadian citizens will need a valid passport.

Some simple things for visitors to keep in mind when visiting The Bahamas:
  • driving is on the left;
  • the time zone is Eastern Standard Time;
  • the Bahamian dollar is held on par with the US dollar, with both being accepted interchangeably. The conversion rate between the Bahamian dollar and the Canadian dollar is determined by the current exchange rate.

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Choosing Breezes Bahamas

For many travelers, The Bahamas is a dream destination. It’s also a fairly expensive proposition and Nassau is notorious for large, Vegas-style hotels that offer what seem like great room deals, but limit guests with expensive dining, entertainment and activity options.

The great news for travelers looking to experience all that Nassau has to offer without breaking the bank is choosing an affordable vacation at Breezes Bahamas. The SuperClubs’ Super-Inclusive® package means guests pay one low, upfront amount with no hidden fees. Guests can feel free to leave their wallets behind and enjoy all that our resort has to offer.

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Breezes Bahamas has a coveted location on what is arguably the beach of beaches in Nassau – Cable Beach. Not only will your clients be right on the powder-white sands of famous Cable Beach – they’ll also enjoy easy access to Nassau and Paradise Island’s sightseeing, shopping, and entertainment. There’s even a downtown bus route that stops directly in front of Breezes Bahamas and costs about $1, putting even more savings in your clients’ pockets.

The 391 guest rooms & suites Breezes Bahamas welcomes guests ages 14 and up. The resort has four restaurants, four bars, open-air spa pavilions on the beach, land and water activities and nightly entertainment. There’s even complimentary WiFi in rooms and throughout the resort.

Breezes Bahamas also has a tour desk offering a variety of island tours and excursions departing directly from the resort, all available at additional cost.

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Something for Everyone in the Bahamas!

While some guests may be content to spend their whole vacation enjoying the activities and amenities at Breezes Bahamas, there’s also a world of excitement waiting off resort.

There’s literally something for everyone in Nassau and Paradise Island.

One of the destination’s strengths is its appeal for shoppers, who can browse everything from high end shops to market stalls selling authentic Bahamian crafts.

History buffs will want to explore Fort Charlotte, the Queen’s Staircase, and John Watlings Distillery.

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As tempting as the cuisine is at Breezes Bahamas, foodies can tuck into island cuisine color at the Arawak Cay Fish Fry, which also serves up a heaping helping of local color and live music.

The Bahamas has long held a reputation for providing some of the Caribbean’s most exciting gaming action. Your clients may want to venture out on the town to try their luck at one of the island’s Las Vegas-style casinos.

Touring options abound, with everything from snorkeling and diving excursions out on the water, to Segway tours on dry land.

Top Ten Island Attractions

While some guests may be content to spend their whole vacation enjoying the activities and amenities at Breezes Bahamas, there’s also a world of excitement waiting off resort.

Fort Charlotte 
Visit the moats, drawbridges, and dungeons of Nassau’s Fort Charlotte, built in 1789 by Lord Dunmore and named after his wife. An added bonus is the splendid sea views from the fort’s rampart walls.

Duty-Free Shopping 
The Bahamas is a mecca for duty-free shopping, especially downtown Nassau, and Bay Street in particular. Your clients will find a dizzying array of designer goods, including watches, jewelry, cameras, china and fragrances. Savings average 25-35 percent.

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Arawak Cay Fish Fry 
Clients can get a heaping serving of local color at the Arawak Cay Fish Fry on West Bay Street in Nassau, where they’ll find a selection of casual Bahamian restaurants. This is the place to go for authentic down home, island cooking, with an emphasis on seafood favorites like lobster, conch and snapper.

John Watling’s Distillery 
A tour of John Watling’s Distillery at the historic Buena Vista Estate serves up a tour of the estate and the 175-year old distillery process, topped off with a tasting of a selection of handcrafted premium rums.

Lost Blue Hole 
Breezes Bahamas offers a full range of onsite watersports and activities. Some travelers may want to get out and explore the full range of watersports action, including diving and snorkeling the Great Bahama Bank, where in addition to an amazing array of sea creatures, they can view the Lost Blue Hole – a 200-foot wide opening in the ocean floor.

Casino Gaming 
Nassau and Paradise Island offer world class casino gaming, in venues that rival the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas. In addition to a full range of table games and slots, casino-goers can also enjoy great dining and entertainment.

Explore Nassau by Wheels 
Your clients can join a guided tour of Nassau that rolls through town on either bicycle or Segway, with stops at the city’s historical sights, beaches and parks.

Queen’s Staircase 
Travelers can stretch their legs and bone up on island history by climbing the 65 steps of the Queen’s Staircase. The steps are hand carved from limestone and date back to the 18th century.

Straw Market 
Not all shopping is duty-free in Nassau. The famous Straw Market is home to 400 vendors selling an amazing assortment of island crafts. This is the place to go to browse and bargain.

Ardastra Gardens & Zoo 
The zoo is home to mammals, birds and reptiles, including two jaguars. But the real stars of the show are the Caribbean flamingos. Three times a day the zoo puts on The March of The Flamingos, where these vibrantly colored birds strut their stuff for spectators.

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Bahamian Culture

Today’s traveler wants to feel as though they’ve connected with a destination and they’ll want to experience an island’s unique cuisine, music, and arts & crafts. At Breezes Bahamas, guests will be surrounded by the welcoming Bahamas vibe. Outside the resort, they’ll have the opportunity to further explore the unique culture of the Bahamas.

As would be expected of an island destination, seafood rules supreme. Favorite dishes include rock lobster, conch and grouper. Adventurous diners can try fish prepared escabeche style, in which fish is first cooked then marinated in a mixture of lime juice and seasonings. Traditional dishes include goat stew, peas and rice, and cassava bread. Rum is prevalent, including varieties infused with coconut, providing an island twist.

There’s a unique Bahamas music called rake-and-scrape. It’s a percussive music with the beat being driven by scraping an old knife blade along the teeth of a handsaw. A rake-and-scrape band is formed by acoustic instruments, including drums, box guitar, concertina, triangle and accordion, lending a real down-home island vibe to any occasion.

Arts & Crafts 
Bringing home an authentic Bahamian craft can be a way for clients to spark memories of a Breezes Bahamas vacation once they’re home. Clients who want to pack a bit of Bahamas for the return flight can seek out handmade straw baskets and hats, conch shell jewelry, wood carvings, pine seed dolls, Junkanoo art, and driftwood paintings.

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